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ACDM Board

The ACDM Board & Leadership Group

The Board of Directors and Leadership Group bring a wealth of experience to the ACDM

The Board of Directors currently comprises of volunteers, who all work in the industry and are current members of the ACDM. The Board is elected by the members of the Association, inline with the associations memorandum & articles. Their role is to manage the association, develop the association to achieve the vision, goals and aims and to provide members with the services and benefits they require from their association.

Robert King
Chair | PPD

Sverre Bengtsson
Vice Chair | Viedoc

Jo Marshall
ACDM Treasurer | Phastar

Nina Reyes
Secretary | IQVIA

Eva Alder
Board Member | Ergomed PLC

Rich Davies
Board Member | CluePoints

Nicola Götz
Board Member | Boehringer Ingelheim

Anita Kratchmarov
Board Member | Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Ashley Howard
Board Member | Pfizer

Amelie Spieser
Board Member | BioNTech