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The goal of the CTU DMEG group, which was established in 2022, is to bring together academic institutions’ expertise in Clinical Trial/Clinical Research Units Data Management. The group’s goal is to facilitate the real-time exchange of ideas about data management among academic Clinical Trials Units from data managers. Every six weeks, the group gets together to share data management experiences and go over the status of the various projects that members are working on.

The CTU group would be thrilled to welcome new participants to our expanding group. The CTU group aspires to advance the development and skill-set of our larger ACDM community.

Clinical Trial Unit Expert Group members

Martin Pond
Head of Data Management | Norwich Clinical Trials Unit, University of East Anglia

Richard Munday (Chair)
Commercial Business Development Manager | University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

Jess Boxall
CORE eCRF Data Analyst | CIRU, University of Southampton

Julia Phillipson
Data Manager | Newcastle Clinical Trials Unit, Newcastle University

Amanda Bravery
Director, Database & Clinical Programming | Aixial Group

Steph Foster
Clinical Trial Data Management Specialist | Institute of Cancer Research – Clinical Trials & Statistics Unit

Laura Rogers
Lead Clinical Data Manager | British American Tobacco