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Data Management Expert Groups (DMEGs)


To provide a key benefit to ACDM membership of a new forum for Subject Matter Experts across Clinical Research to discuss topics, develop best practice and lead the way forward in their field of expertise.


On behalf of the ACDM:

  • to create useful resources (articles, white papers, best practice, guidelines, etc.) for the ACDM membership to utilise
  • to aid in the creation of training activities
  • to manage, run and participate in ACDM Hot Topics of special interest
  • to aim to partake in conference and help encourage attendance
  • keep members informed by helping to regularly communicate/blog updates to increase member engagement


There should be one or more individuals leading & driving the group forward and doing so in a non-biased way, ensuring that there is always a successor to maintain the group, feeding information/updates to the board of intentions and plans. The groups are to run as efficiently as possible, providing benefit to the ACDM.

These new DMEGs are to include individuals from the ACDM membership who are keen, willing and able to commit to the objectives outlined.

These groups are to meet on an agreed frequency, using the most appropriate meeting methods dependant on location of attendees/members. ACDM conference calling facilities are available if required, and the ACDM administration office are available to help with the signup and maintaining of membership of the DMEGs.


  • eDigital DMEG – Covering electronic/digital technology including wearables, EDC, PROs, Real Word Data, analytics, eMobile, EHR, analytics, etc.
  • Clinical Trial Unit (CTUs) DMEG– inviting people from a CTUs, Academia, Clinical Research Institutes, etc. to come together and discuss topics of interest, best practise, etc.
  • CDM Analytics and Metrics DMEG– Expert group set up to provide useful information on the standard recommended metrics essential for the work performed by CDM professionals, and accompanied by useful analytics to aid proactive working

New Groups:

  • Risk Based Monitoring DMEG – Investigating the strategic, risk based approaches of data management in determining acceptable risks, savings on resources, work more intelligently and proactively but continue to ensure patient safety.

Below is the form to sign up.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a member of the ACDM to put your name forward for inclusion in one of these Groups/Board. To join the ACDM please click here

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