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Data Science DMEG

Data Science Expert Group

The ACDM will shortly be launching an Expert Group focussing on Data Science. The Group will be chaired by Tanya du Plessis.

If you would like to express an interest to join this group please complete the form below. Expert Groups are only open to ACDM Members. 

Tanya du Plessis (Chair)
Chief Data Strategist and Solutions officer

Tanya is currently Chief Data strategist and Solutions officer of Bioforum The Data Masters, she has 18 years industry experience. Leading various data management operation teams in innovative strategies for customized data delivery solutions, her dedication to optimal customer service/delivery is visible through long standing relationships. Ensuring she is always aware of the needs in operational delivery Tanya is also a certified clinical data manager (CCDM, SCDM) as well as a project management professional (certified PMP).

ACDM Committee/Expert Group