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Hot Topic: How virtual clinical trials impact data management?

Course Date: April 5, 2019
Type of Course: Hot Topic
Course Trainer: Lead by Wessam Sonbol from Delve Health
Location of Course: Online 12:00 – 13:00 UK Time

Learning Objectives:

To keep up to date and to hear the viewpoints of different members regarding the hot topic being discussed.

Who is the Course Suitable For?

ACDM Members who would like to join an open discussion concerning a Hot Topic in Data Management.

Outline Course Content

Acquiring quality data directly from patients is a crucial part of any clinical trial to ensure data integrity, and the safety for each patient. With the number of complexities in any clinical trial, the ability to remotely consent and educate patients helps collect safety and efficacy data directly from clinical trial participants.

Many organizations are now exploring the impact of virtual trials, but there is still not enough information out there on how this can best benefit any clinical trial, and while the number of tools and companies rolling out mobile applications and such, how do we ensure patient and data is the center of this.

The role of data managers will evolve to be focused across an array of other tools, other than just EDC, but how can virtual trials impact the data, and how do we even manage the data coming directly from the participants. What quality measures we need to have in place, and how can this provide better data?

Please, join us to discuss the different aspects of this up and coming key topic covering

  • CDM responsibilities
  • System set-up
  • Quality metrics
  • GDPR requirement
  • Change control
  • IT infrastructure requirements
  • Required SOPs

Led by Wessam Sonbol from Delve Health. Wessam comes with over 18 years of data management, system integration and product management experience in the clinical trial world. Wessam has worked with many Pharma and Medical Device organizations to help implement data management plan, and identify ways to resolve the silos we run into across clinical systems to produce quality analytics, serving clinical operations, data management and regulatory groups

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