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About ACDM Hot Topics

These are held online as ‘discussions’ focussing on a topic in Data Management. They are free for ACDM members (small fee for Non-Members).

As they are ‘discussions’ they are different to webinars and no presentation slides are prepared.

A person is identified to lead each session, together with a Chair, they drive the discussion with those who join call. Sometimes the sessions are recorded and/or summarised and shared with ACDM members.

Predictive Analysis – How DMs can use the data and not just manage it

Date: October 29, 2021
Type: Hot Topic
Session Lead: Angela Paterson
Location: Online 12:00 – 13:00 UK Time
Learning Objectives:

In the past, Clinical Data Management may have been considered the conduit of the fast-flowing data river; channelling the data from the source, filtering it to remove the impurities and directing the clean data to complete the TLF shells of the biostatistical programmers and statisticians. However, with the emergence of Risk-Based Monitoring, De-centralized and Patient-centric clinical trials, and protocols which use real world data in the context of a clinical trial, it has been necessary for CDM to re-evaluate their role in the clinical trial and how they can add the most value to the clinical trial team.

This Hot Topic session will provide an oversight of the technologies available which can facilitate predictive analysis; such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Central Statistical Monitoring. It will discuss how data management can assist in the set up of these technologies and how they can then use the generated analytics to identify systematic issues, compare data trends across sites, detect potential fraud and data fabrication, etc. The session will focus on the Data Manager’s role as a key player in clinical trial set up. It will explain how DMs are needed to help identify the key risk indicators at study start and, by leveraging this and other key information, apply the alerts to be employed when reviewing the predictive analytics.

Therefore, this Hot Topic session will show how Clinical Data Management has evolved from a data conduit into a data fishing vessel on the sea of information. CDM are now able to use analytics to: plot the route to the richest data sources; to catch the most valuable data points and to assess and mitigate the risk of currents and storms which may impact the clinical trial.

Who is this suitable for?

ACDM members and non-members who would like to join an open discussion concerning a Hot Topic in Data Management

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