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ACDM Profiles

ACDM Profiles

Sverre Bengtsson

ACDM Role: Board Member

Employed role: Co-Founder, Viedoc

Get to know Sverre

Provide a brief summary of your education and work experience to date
First studies Business in Gothenburg, Sweden, focusing on Economics. alongside I studied languages (Dutch and German). When I graduated It was bad tines so I decided to study Statistics and Programming as well, but in Uppsala.

I started in this Industry at a small electronic patient diary company called MiniDoc. They had the world’s first ePRO. patients loved It and It was easy to carry along, only weighed 2 kg and had four clickable buttons…

I started working for a CRO, Clinical Data Care, in Clinical Data Management and one of my first projects was in, what we nowadays call Real World Evidence. As It’s close to Economics I fell in with all Non-Interventional Studies, whether health economics, RWE, RWD or…. Over time I went into the business side.

In 2003 my co-founder colleague and myself decided to start a CRO. already In the first six months of operation we decided we wanted to build an EDC system for internal use. A few years later we started licensing out our EDC to competitors and a natural next step was to split the company into two different companies. We sold the CRO In 2018 and now are focusing entirely on the eClinical side of things.

Nowadays I’m spearheading our marketing and sales mostly by being at conferences as a speaker/ presenter and when exhibiting. Still all eClinical 🙂

If you were on a desert island, what three things would you take with you and why?
Fishing rod – to get food

Matches – for fire

Tent – to sleep in

If you were not in the job you are in, what would you do?
If to be realistic, founder and workign in sales in one way or the other, probably in software company.

If I can dream – musician!

What is your idea of a perfect day?
A day with the family – beats everything else.

What do you do to relax / what are your hobbies?
I do a lot of different things outside work. I am very active in a society where I have been responsible for entertainment and I have, amongst other, produced five silent films where we did all the sound effects and music live when we played the film. Another thing is mountain biking which I love and then invest in many small life science companies…

If you had a dinner party, and could invite 1 famous person, who would you invite and why?
Louis Armstrong, would be great to hear stories of how It was In the good old days of jazz. Or maybe the lead singer in Rammstein, Till Lindemann…

What’sthe best piece of advice you have ever been given?
Life’s like box of chocolate…

If a movie was made of your life who would play you?
William Shatner from Star Trek

What is your favourite food?
Souffle’s, particularly lemon souffle

What would the title of your autobiography be?

What’s your favourite place of all the places you’ve travelled and why?
There are so many places, hard to choose. Tokyo – just amazing, Boston – as I lived there for a while, India – hard not to fall In love with the country

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

What is your favourite song or who is your favourite band?
Difficult question again, so many to pick from. some Opera’s are amazing. I just love jazz. And Sould & Funk. not forgetting Death Metal. So quite wide taste I music.

If you could learn one new skill today, what would it be?
Learn how t build things in wood.

Who was your role model as a child and why?
My dad without a question. I was so Impressed by him.

What always makes you laugh?
English humour in general – just love it!

What is your favourite film or box set?
Can’t choose, so many great films and series. I’m just now into season four of Succession, great series. Saving Private Ryan is another great film.

What do you think is the greatest invention in your lifetime?
Obviously eClinical systems like Viedoc… 🙂

Do you collect anything?
Memories and ties… love wearing suits with a tie.

If there were 25 hours in a day, how would you spend the extra hour?
Spend with my family and do something fun!