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ACDM Profiles

ACDM Profiles

Silvia Perez Torres

ACDM Role: Regulatory Considerations Expert Group DMEG Chair

Employed role: Associate Director, Clinical Quality Compliance, AstraZeneca

Get to know Silvia

Provide a brief summary of your education and work experience to date

I have a PH degree in Pharmaceutical sciences by the Barcelona University. I started my career as a researcher in Neurochemical department within the Barcelona Biomedical Research Institute (IIBB), where I developed my PH degree focused in Alzheimer’s disease and Inflammation.

Once I completed my Ph Degree in Neuroscience, I moved to the clinical industry, working the majority of my career in Data Management, first in a small CRO company and later in the pharma industry.

For along almost 12 years, I was managing phase III clinical trials acting as Global Data Manager Lead, coordinating end-to-end data management activities (including SDTM development) mainly outsourced to global CROs.  Apart of the oversight of clinical trials, part of my role as an expert in DM was to lead standardization on E2E data and processes.

On 2018, I completely changed my role and moved to the Quality area. Since then, I’m Director on Clinical Quality Compliance. On this role, I’m providing quality support to Biometrics functions (including DM, Programming and Statistics roles). Among other activities, I’m giving quality related advice and guidance, overseeing quality issues, CAPA implementation and risk management. Coordinating and supporting audit and inspections, as well as preparing teams to be inspection ready at all time.

What’s the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

Always fight for your dreams and don’t let anyone tell you what you can or can not do.

What do you do to relax / what are your hobbies?

For relax, I do yoga twice a week. I started during the pandemic and it is an activity that I miss if I’m not doing. It helps me to disconnect from anything. Help me clear my mind.

Recently, I have started to play golf, and I enjoy so much. I didn’t imagine that it would be the case, but spend time outdoors, it is really relaxing as well.

If you had a dinner party, and could invite 1 famous person, who would you invite and why?

I would probably invite Taylor Swift. Because she is my daughter’s favorite singer. She is a huge fan. We know so much from her that it seems that she is part of my family. So, I will pay for just seeing my daughter face when she would meet her.

What’s your favourite place of all the places you’ve travelled and why?

Berlin, I love this city. In general, I love anything related with Twenty Century German history, and for that reason, I love to walk on her streets plenty of history, but also very diverse with many different cultures. I have been there 4 times already, but I always find an excuse to go there again.

What is your favourite film or box set?

I love Comedy movies from UK, so movies like Nothing Hill, Four weddings and a funeral, Love Actually, … I have seen them many times, but it doesn’t matter to me. For some of them, I know even the dialogues!!!