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Launch of Online Training from ACDM

March 24, 2019

The Association for Clinical Data Management is delighted to announce the launch of Online Training. Online Training from the Association for Clinical Data Management are interactive voice and media based courses. Each course is broken down into sections and at the end of each section is a self assessment to allow you to check your understanding of the content. Once you have completed all the sections and the self assessments you can take the final examination. Once you have successfully completed the examination you can download your certificate of completion.

Each course consists of:

  • interactive voice and media presentation
  • self assessments
  • examination
  • certificate

The first course available from the ACDM is “Preparing for Regulatory Inspections”. This is a really useful course for individuals and organisations across the World you may be subject to a regulatory inspection. More courses are in development and will be released shortly.

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