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CORE to be Premier and Interactive Sponsor for ACDM22

August 12, 2021

The Association for Clinical Data Management is delighted to announce that CORE from the Clinical Informatics Research Unit, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton will be a Premier and Interactive Sponsor of ACDM22.

CORE covers a range of expert services which include the design, build and running of electronic forms used in clinical trials across the UK and overseas. Not only does CORE create the forms you need, it also offers randomisation, data management and provides you with those all-important study statistics. CORE has developed a fruitful partnership with FormsVision BV, which the unit first engaged with under a FP7 EU funding framework, and has successfully deployed ALEA EDC with the features of eCRF (electronic Case Report Form), randomisation and other benefits, that support clinical trials in both the commercial and non-commercial setting.

ACDM22 is the 2022 Annual Conference of the Association for Clinical Data Management and is being held in Edinburgh, Scotland, from the 13th-15th March 2022.

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